Salto is a uruguayan department on the north occidental part of the country.

It limits to the north with Artigas, to the east with Rivera and Tacuarembó, to the south with Paysandú and to the west with the argentinian province of Entre Rios, from which is separated by the River Uruguay. The capital has de same name Salto and is situated 502 km from Montevideo.

This department’s economy is based on the raising of cattle, caw and sheep mainly. The agriculture lands are sandy, located to the west, near the River Uruguay.

Between Salto and San Antonio citric are planted, also strawberries, tomatoes. watercress, watermelon, grapes and blueberries. In the north wheat, sunflower, maize and cereals are planted and sugar cane in El Espinillar.

The presence of precious stones amatist and agates allows the exploitation in abundance. Concerning the industrial sector there are Frigorificos( meat processing companies), construction industries, fruit juice packing, and mineral water bottling. There are also windmills, and as well as the production of dairy products.

Texto: Wikipedia